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Most retailers know that products placed in certain places will sell better, over time, than products placed in other places.  The problem for many small convenience stores – particularly those with a single location – has been knowing where those places are.

And knowing it with scientific accuracy.

With plan-o-gramming and category management services, Glidewell Distributing helps stores of all sizes have better success in doing what they’re in business for in the first place: move product.

Thanks to cutting edge software such as Spaceman and Apollo and leading space management firms like JDA, we’re now able to provide you with specific data on how and where to place products so they will attract more buyers.

This expensive technology is commonly referred to as “plan-o-gramming” and it provides the retailer with detailed diagrams showing the best product-placement strategies based on mountains of highly analyzed data from national, regional and local outlets.

A new program that works for you around the clock

As part of Glidewell’s Five-Star Merchandising Support Program, you’ll instantly benefit from the science of why people buy and how they buy.  Consumer behavior is a tricky thing to understand, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own.  We’ll work with you to set up product and arrange shelves in ways that are proven to move more product.

Take a cue from the giants such as Wal-Mart, where nothing is done by chance.  Product sits where it does because that’s where it’s been shown to move the fastest.  Shelving is arranged in ways that encourage consumers to buy.  Categories of products are strategically presented to create the highest possible level of spending.

Grocery stores know this science, as well.  Why do you think the milk and eggs and bread categories are often far away from the entrance to the store?  Because the store knows people are going to buy these products, but management loves to take you on walks along aisles full of other products you might buy – but won’t if the milk, eggs and bread are the first thing you come to.

Setting up the category management process in a convenience store is thankfully more simple than doing it in a big box department sore or a major grocery outlet.  But the science of the process itself is just as exact – and effective.

Your Glidewell sales rep can tell you how easy it is to get started with the Five-Star Merchandising Program and be on the way to increased sales the smart way.

The Glidewell Team