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Super Quik #2

Dear Sirs,

I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation regarding the job performance of your employees. We were extremely impressed with the work of Cindy and Rose recently. They spent several hours in our store. These two women reset, tagged, and cleaned the store shelving. They did an excellent job and our store looks tremendously better because of their quality of work. Your company should be very proud of their efforts.

So many of the companies that we do business with claim to give great service. However; I believe all of them could learn from your company what great service is really all about. As an independent convenience store owner in today’s marketplace we feel as though many companies only want to tie us to a contract for their benefit. Many of the national companies do not give the single store owners the service or the pricing they give to the large chains even though our single store volume may be greater than anyone or two chain stores. They would try to make you believe that they are doing you a favor just by showing up. This makes for a strained relationship at best. These are companies that get absolutely no loyalty.

We have on many occasions referred other stores to use Glidewell Distributing because of the quality of service you provide on a consistent basis. Customer loyalty can not be bought. That is earned everyday. I believe Glidewell Distributing personnel understand
this fact very well. All of your employees that we interact with have been extremely helpful ,well trained, and professional. We feel as though our relationship with your company over the last several years has made a positive impact on our success. We express to our employees constantly the importance of great customer service and understand how hard it is to maintain such a
high level of commitment. It is something that has ~obe worked on everyday. Rick, David, Cindy ,and Rose are excellent examples of what service orientated employees should be. We appreciate Glidewell’s commitment to us and the great service you provide. We also look forward to our continued mutual growth and success.

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