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Food Service

Hungry Customers Leave Happy at a Glidewell C-Store

When customers enter your store, they won’t be able to resist the aroma and sight of hot prepared food, right there, easy to spot and simple to purchase. Now you can provide more than “snack” foods to your hungry customers and enjoy a great markup on every item you sell. We’re in the process of launching this program, so contact us for more details on specific food products and the benefits you, the store owner, can expect by being part of this program.

Bellarico’s Pizza & Sandwich Program

Just about everybody loves pizza, and convenience store customers all over the country have been loving Bellarico’s New York Style Pizza for years. It’s time to bring this HOT seller into your store and watch the sales and profits start stacking up. We’ll supply the pies and the special, easy-to-use ovens for your customers to warm them up in. There’s no extra work for your staff as customers do it all. You might even become the place people go to specifically for hot, tasty pizza. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your customers.