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Exciting Customer Programs for Our C-Store Partners

All designed to increase sales and profits

Now’s the time to take advantage of the many cost-saving, sales-increasing programs that Glidewell Distributing has created specially for our convenience store and other retail customers.  From specific products and product categories to drastic savings through special on new and hot-selling items, we want to help you be more successful by offering your customers more of what they want.

You may already be receiving some of the products talked about below from another distributor.  When you meet with your Glidewell sales rep, you may discover that it will pay you to receive these items from us.  It will mean one less delivery person, one less sales rep, one less merchandiser, and one less piece of paperwork.

Most c-store owners know: the fewer vendors the better.  Because we can stock an entire convenience store, it’s a good time to review our programs and begin de-complicating your operation.

AWG Grocery Program

Get the products you want at phenomenal cost savings when you’re part of our AWG Grocery Program.  Our alliance with giant wholesaler AWG has opened the doors to more than 42,000 grocery items – many of which your customers wish you would carry.

Few regional distributors can offer this level of buying power and selection to their convenince store customers.  But we’ve made a sizeable investment in membership to AWG in order to bring you a grocery program with outstanding value and savings.

C-Store Group Rebate Program

How would you like to get a rebate check every year for select items your store sells?  It’s possible now with our alliance with several vendors and manufacturers, who have offered volume-sales rebates to us, which we pass directly to you.

Glidewell will track all the sales of these products and manage all the records throughout the year.  All you do is say, “Yes, I want to be involved with this program,” and you’ll get a catalog of participating items and be on your way to a nice rebate later in the year.

Five-Star Merchandising Support Program

Your Glidewell sales rep is able to help you with a lot more than just tagging and re-tagging.  We have access to amazing convenience store sales statistics that, when employed in your store, will cause product to move faster.

How much would your operation benefit from proven, time-tested data from national, regional, Glidewell’s own, and individual store sources that put together an exact science of product-placement?  Our reps will pass this knowledge on to you so you can start racking up more sales.

Trade Show Sales Program

Held annually in Fort Smith, we put together a trade show with our top vendors so you can come out and see the latest, greatest and hottest products Glidewell can deliver to you.

These vendors understand buying power, and they are happy to give you, our customers, extra-special deals and incentives.  The trade show also includes games, contests, prizes and a lot of fun and profitable ideas that you can start implementing in your store.