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Behind the Brand

The Glidewell Distributing logo serves not only as a recognizable icon, but also as a symbol of the four key elements that explain our deepest company values. We share them with you here so you’ll understand what’s behind the brand and the nature of our commitment to every customer we work with.

Relationship with our customers

Everyone at Glidewell Distributing takes this key element very seriously, because we know the value of a good and happy customer. Open communication and respect is important to the owners of the stores we supply, so we make sure they get it.  Business is about nothing if it’s not about relationships. When our merchandisers visit an account and help arrange product shelves, when our sales reps bring in a new account, when our drivers make deliveries to established accounts, they’re all really building solid relationships. Reaching our central goal of making every single customer more successful depends on these solid relationships and a genuine desire on our part to help store owners increase their bottom line.

Integrity in our actions

There’s an old saying, “Guard your name, because it’s all you’ve got.” A good name – one that people trust and respect – is worth its weight in gold. A bad name isn’t worth a dime. The management team and associates at Glidewell Distributing understand that a good name is born of integrity. We believe integrity means doing what you say and doing it the way you said you would. Although today’s business climate requires the use of contracts, a handshake over a deal means just as much to us. More, actually.  When you speak or do business with anyone from our company, you can be assured that they realize the Glidewell name is on everything we do. It’s a name we’ve worked hard to build, and we will do nothing to tarnish it.

Improvement in our operations

Today, any company that stands still is dead. If you don’t continually improve, someone out there is improving, and pretty soon, you might need binoculars to see their license plate on the road ahead of you.  This key element causes us to ask: How can we make communicating with us easier for our customers? How can we enhance a particular aspect of processing orders? How can we speed this up and streamline that? We’ve answered a lot of these types of questions with sizeable investments in technology. This is why we’re able to compete with huge national distributors in speed of shipment, order accuracy and product management.

Pride in a job well done

What this fourth key element really means is, pride doesn’t start until the job is well done. We take no satisfaction in “good-enough.” If a customer uses the term “good-enough” to describe us, we start to worry.  Everyone at Glidewell Distributing, from management on down to drivers, warehouse associates and office support staff, has great pride in the work they perform every day. If any of that work is faulty, we immediately turn our attention to fixing it. With this approach and our commitment to doing a job right the first time, we can leave work every day satisfied that we’ve done well for our customers. And that’s a pretty good feeling.